Jennifer Lawrence Beautiful Snapshots & Interesting Facts


Jennifer Lawrence fame not only comes from her exceptional (and Academy Award winning) talent, which she has used in dozens of fantastic films, but also from her glamorous looks and fun-loving personality.

Here are beautiful snapshots & little known facts about the world’s favorite actress, Jennifer Lawrence…

32. Jennifer Lawrence

Coming from humble beginnings, Jennifer Lawrence grew up on a horse farm in Louisville, Kentucky. Here, her parents raised unbroken stallions (as they were cheaper), which Lawrence bravely learned how to ride. Although it saw her develop excellent horse riding skills, she also revealed to David Letterman that it is also the cause of a deformed tailbone – something she suffered from being thrown off of a horse. She grew up with two older brothers on the farm, who she claims are the reason that she often does not behave in a typical “girlish” way. At school, she was a cheerleader who also played softball, field hockey, and basketball. Her mother tried to stop her from playing with other girls, as she was worried that Jennifer was “too rough.”