What is Aura? What Color is Your Aura Based on Your Date of Birth?


Everything in the universe consists of energy. Since all animate and inanimate beings have energy, there is also an electromagnetic field, namely aura, surrounding it.

Aura; reflects our personality, lifestyle, emotions and thoughts. It gives us clues about our physical, mental and physical health. Therefore, it is a very important concept. Our chakras, which serve to attract universal energy to our body, are located in the aura. The aura is like a shield that protects both our energy body and our physical body.

If we have a strong and healthy aura; Our self-confidence increases, we enjoy life and we attract positive events and people into our lives. If we have a weak and unhealthy aura, we experience the opposite; our resistance weakens, we attract negative situations and diseases.

Our aura consists of four separate layers; Etheric body, Emotional body, Mental body and Spiritual body. There are 7 different energy levels as it also represents our chakras. There are seven colors of the rainbow at these energy levels, and these colors change according to our mood.

There are many ways to see what color our aura reflects. Some can view the color of auras with clairvoyance and some with special devices. In addition to these methods, it is possible to find the base color of our aura with Numerology. This method, which we apply by adding the numbers of our birth date, of course, does not give us an idea about our changeable mood. It shows us our base color, that is, the dominant energy we radiate around us.

So how do we do this?

Adding the numbers of the day, month and year we were born.. We reduce the resulting numbers to a single number between 1 and 9. But if the result is 11 and 22, we leave these numbers as they are . The date we were born shows our purpose in life, and the color it reflects shows us what we need to do on the way to our goal.

For example; Let’s examine the aura color of a person with the date of birth of 25.03.1993.

2+5+3+1+9+9+3 =32= 5 so blue..

In numerology, each number is associated with a certain color. Now let’s examine which colors the numbers reflect and the characteristic features of these colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Bronze
  • 11 – Silver
  • 12 – Gold

Red Aura Color

People with a birth date sum of 1 have a red aura base color. If you have this aura color, it means you have leadership potential. Reds like to compete, but you have to remember that you don’t have to win in every situation.

To stay on the positive side of this color, you need to be extroverted, optimistic and determined. Otherwise, you may display a sluggish, introverted and indecisive image. To attract the positive side of red into your life; Do not waste time with jobs, people and situations that are not suitable for you, and do not insist on these issues. Be with people who encourage you. Give importance to physical activities and take care to be active

Orange Aura Color

If your date of birth sums to 2, your aura color is orange. If you are in the positive aspect of this aura; We may think that you are kind, balanced and harmonious people who take care to live in cooperation with people. On the negative side, you can be sensitive, fragile, indecisive, and shy. You get maximum satisfaction when you are productive and do things that benefit people.

To strengthen your aura; Put aside shyness and try to communicate more with people. Accept yourself as you are. In order not to be disappointed all the time, make sure that those around you are humane, compassionate, sensitive and harmonious people like you.

Yellow Aura Color

If your date of birth adds up to 3, your aura color is yellow. If you are in the positive direction; You are one of those people who get along well with others, are quite cheerful and spread joy around them. You are aware of your creativity and you may want to bring it out in the best possible way. Your verbal skills are strong and you are interested in professions where you can use your voice. However, the negative aspect of this color gives you hypersensitivity. It causes you to be enthusiastic about many things at the same time and it becomes difficult for you to be understood by people.

You must choose to progress in matters that appeal to your talent so that you can achieve spiritual fulfillment within yourself.

Green Aura Color

If the sum of the numbers in your date of birth is 4, your aura color is green. If you are in the positive direction of the color; It shows that you have a character that loves to help people and has a heart full of compassion. Helping others increases your life energy. You have a high sense of responsibility and you want those around you to be as responsible as you are. You can take part in charity organizations for social improvement. If you are in the negative direction; You may feel suppressed or restricted most of the time. Too much sense of responsibility can turn you into a rigid or stubborn person. In this aspect, you need to question yourself.

Strive to display your resilient and stable stance in a positive way. Spend time with people who will open new horizons for you. In short, accept the innovations. Allow room for unconditional love in your heart as the number 4 also represents our heart chakra.

Blue Aura Color

If the sum of the numbers in your date of birth is 5, your aura color is blue. You take your place among adventurous, restless, excited, imaginative and perceptive people. Variability is essential. Your energy does not run out easily. You always feel young. Meeting foreign people and cultures motivates you. Even if you like different environments or situations, constant stimulation of your mind can cause you to be emotionally stressed.

Try to spend your intense energy concentrating on one task. Be careful not to switch to a new one before you have finished the work at hand. Dealing with several tasks at the same time will make you more restless and impatient over time.

ndigo Aura Color

If the numbers in your date of birth add up to 6, your aura color is indigo. If you have this aura color, you are generally reliable, caring and responsible people, and you attract people with the same characteristics. Your sense of responsibility is so strong that you suppress your own needs in order to help others. Always chasing perfection and seeking perfection in everything you do causes you to constantly criticize yourself and your environment.

Remember that you too need relaxation in order to stay in your center. Creative activities or personal development issues can help you relax. Besides, you should accept that everything in the universe exists with its opposite and put an end to your pursuit of perfection.

Purple Aura Color

It is the base color of those whose birth date numbers add up to 7. If your aura color is purple; We can say that your intuition is high and you are sensitive to other people’s problems. You always want to see yourself strong and self-sufficient. Because of this, you find it difficult to ask for help from others. Your beliefs are strong. You hold on to your beliefs even in the toughest of times. If you feel that you are insensitive to others even though your life path is 7, try to express yourself better.

People with the purple aura color are often introverted and have trouble connecting with others. In such a situation, think about what you can give people and try to communicate as much as possible. Although it may be difficult for you to fit in with others, what is good for you may not be good for others. You can try to act more harmoniously by considering their needs.

Pink Aura Color

It is the base color of those whose birth date numbers add up to 8. It is the color of loving, caring and extremely soft-hearted people. If you have this aura color, although you may appear soft on the outside, there is a character that is firmly attached to your vision. You will not have difficulty in managing money. You are financially and financially successful. In the negative of the number, we see a shy and dependent character who has difficulty in saying “no”, is afraid of taking risks, and is dependent on others. If you are addicted to others, try stepping out of your comfort zone and focus on the areas you heartily want to do. You can start by taking up a new hobby. If you are among the people who are afraid to take risks, you should focus on areas that will increase your self-confidence and make you feel better. Do not be afraid to take a step.

Bronze Aura Color

It is the base color of those whose birth date numbers add up to 9. It is the color of quiet, loving, kind and determined people. If you have this aura color, we may think that you generally have an entrepreneurial spirit and can speak freely in public. You take great pleasure in helping others, but most of the time you do it quietly. As long as the value you give to yourself is known by people, you are positive and happy. In order for you to always feel happy, you should care more about yourself than others and be aware of your worth. If you are among the more sensitive people, you will be hurt more easily than other people. You have to learn not to expect. Sometimes you can be very docile and sometimes very stubborn.

Silver Aura Color

It is the aura color of people whose birth date sums to 11. If you have this aura color; You have an honorable, honest and reliable personality. Your belief in yourself is endless. You make it your mission to bring out the best in others. You are an idealistic and intuitive person. If you reflect the negative aspects of silver, your aura will appear gray and lifeless. To strengthen your aura; be aware of yourself. Discover your talents. Set out for your ideals. Take care to relax your mind and body with meditation and yoga.

Gold Aura Color

If the sum of the numbers of your date of birth is 22, your aura color is golden yellow. You are a natural leader and inspire others with your energy. You are extremely resourceful, responsible and successful. You can easily realize your ideals, but when things don’t go the way you want, you become your enemy. Remind yourself that no one is perfect and admit your mistakes.

Aura colors give general information about our personality. Everyone’s character is different, and we need to examine them as a whole. With a detailed Numerology analysis, you can get to know yourself in every way and take more conscious steps.

Stay with loveā€¦