10 Movies Disney Will Release Between 2019 and 2020


After concluding the purchase of 21st Century Fox, Disney announced its film release schedule for the upcoming years.

UNIQ wants its readers to be up to date with all the news from the film industry and that’s why we have prepared a selection of the most anticipated Disney releases for 2019 and 2020. At the end of the article, we included a bonus that was specially written for the fans of Avatar.


10. The Art of Racing in the Rain

Release date: 8/9/19

ProtagonistsKevin Costner, Amanda SeyfriedMilo Ventimiglia, and Gary Cole.

Synopsis: A dog named Enzo shares the lessons he learned from Denny, a race car driver who he lives with.

Watch trailer.

© The Art of Racing in the Rain / Walt Disney Pictures


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