11 Countries That Changed Their Name


The process of modifying a country’s name isn’t simple, much less economical. But despite it all, various parts of the world have dared to do it.

UNIQ found 11 countries that changed their names and we’ll tell you the story behind their resolutions.

Due to land divisions, wars, changes in government, independence, or simply to facilitate pronunciation abroad, some countries have decided to change their name. In some cases, they did it many years ago, and we know these countries by their current name. But others did it very recently, and we still find it challenging to call them by their new name.

Remember to read all the way through to the last country’s story — you’ll find a bonus that explains how much it costs to make this modification.


11. Holland changed to The Netherlands

As a marketing move, the government decided that from January 2020, the official name of the Netherlands would be used for promotional purposes instead of Holland. One of the reasons for this change is to “present the Netherlands as an open, inventive, and inclusive country.”

Amsterdam, Netherlands