How long do the crows live?


Crows, with a flat beak, large, large clawed and usually black, is the general name of bird species. It is the name given to those who are the biggest and carnivorous crows or raven crows. There are 30-40 different breed crows.

The crows contained just about everything. They feed on trash, pests, other birds, fruit and nuts. The crows have an extremely sharp mind. Ornithologists believe that crows are at the same level of intelligence as dogs.

There is not a crow that can survive for a few hundred years. Even crows cannot live as long as half of human life. Almost all of the tens of crows (species of Corvus) and ravens (Corvus corax type crows) have a life span of up to 15-20 years in wildlife. Some of them are only 4-8 years. However, under very special care, it is known that they can live up to 30 years. Under the records, the longest known life span is 40 years.

It may mimic some carnival sounds. There are creatures that can speak up to 100 words. Crows are the first to know about the life of the crows. There are many urban legends about how long the crows live.

Crows have often been the subject of mythologies and religions in civilizations throughout the world, countless stories have been written about them, and a lot of information has been invented. With their dark colors, astonishing intelligence and cunning, the crows have always been seen as a gate of the dünya spiritual world koyu and are thought to convey a message to the people. The type of human being who cannot fully perceive them has often made these birds the protagonist of their stories. In particular, the crows did not hesitate to play in order to be fed, they were always integrated into sebep death mes or ”evil spirits“ and even became the subject of Hollywood films in popular culture (see The Crow).

Crows, however, are quite advanced in the brain / body size ratio and often confuse people with their intelligence. They can produce very clever solutions to different problems, make very rational decisions in difficult situations and survive in this way in the wild.

A good example of the crow’s ability to solve problems and use tools can be seen below.

The crow is the name of a breed, specifically it does not specify a type. Around 40 species of this genus are known, and one of them is raven for example.

If you are looking for a really long life in the Class of Birds, you should look at the parrots, not the crows. Some parrots can live up to 80 years.

Which animal the longest living?

If the longevity within the Animal Kingdom is curious, it often takes the number 1 shellfish. Arctica islandica species of shellfish can live up to 410 years. If the mussels aren’t interesting enough for you, the whale takes the second row. The Greenland Whale can live up to an average of 200 years. After that, some eel species with a life span of about 150 years, New Zealand geckos named tuatara that can live between 100-200 years, turtles that can live between 150-200 years, North Atlantic and Greenland sharks, which can live up to 200 years, Koi fish with some species that can live for more than 200 years. revenue. Of course, Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish, flatworms, etc. are practically immortal. endless living prokaryotes such as animals and bacteria are ignored in this stage.


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