Amazing short film: Gift


A short film about being responsible. Give, Adopt Wiesly.

This short film is gift to all living creatures on the planet and we hope you will like it, and it will make an impact.

Directed by Zsófia Zsemberi

Red – Bernáth Júlia
Father – Bernáth Dénes
Mother – Berki Szofi
Blond girl – Helmeczi Emma
Dog – FAPF Heather

DoP – Horváth András
Idea, Script – Görögh Attila, Zsemberi Zsófia
Editor – Zsemberi Zsófia, Szigethy Márton
Post-production- Horváth András, Szigethy Márton, Fazakas Fanni
Make-up – Horváth Enikő, Szathmári Szilvia

Music Rachael Dadd – Wake It (Eastaste)
Stray Dogg – Almost (Eastaste)


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