Top 10 Clearest Lakes in the World


The serenity and tranquility of clearest water bodies have a calming effect on the human mind, and to explore such lakes, read the following list of clearest lakes around the world.

Where is the top 10 clearest lakes in the world?

10Lake Mashū, Japan

Japan has its share of nature’s splendor as well in the form of this lake, which is on Hokkaido Island. This crater lake is iconic because of its clarity of the water. According to the Ainu people, this was initially named as the Lake of the Devil. It is one of the most mentionable cleanest lakes in the whole world and also a heritage site, easily accessible for tourists.

9Torch Lake, U.S.A

Formally known as “Torch Light Lake,” this is the longest inland lake in Michigan and also a home to several types of fishes like whitefish, rock bass, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and many more. Presently, the clear and tranquil water is a popular hub for diving, canoeing, and much more. With more than 1800 acres of surface area, this lake has an incredible shoreline where people spend time in food joints while enjoying the view of the lake.

8Five-Flower Lake, China

Being a part of the Minshan mountain range, the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve features the five flower lake or Wuhua Hai, a shallow lake displaying multiple shades of water. Because of hydrophytes and calcium carbonates, the water showcases such colors as green, azure blue, yellow, and so on. The bottom of the lake is full of old tree trunks. According to local people, this holy lake is nothing but pieces of a mirror that fell down from the hands of a goddess.

7Lake Tahoe, U.S.A

This large freshwater lake sits in the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an elevation of more than 6,000 feet. It is the biggest alpine lake in North America and a prominent tourist attraction. Recent Secchi disk monitoring finds its clarity reached 70 feet in 2013.

6Crater Lake, U.S.A

The famous Crater Lake National Park of Oregon, blessed with this caldera lake, is a famous tourist attraction because of its spotless blue water that is solely fed by rain. The volcano, namely, Mount Mazama, collapsed and subsequently formed this lake around 7,700 years ago. Presently, the lake features the famous “Old Man of the Lake” that is a tree stump, placed vertically for no less than 100 years.

5Lake Baikal, Russia

This one holds the title of being the deepest and clearest lake in the world at the same time. Tourists enjoy walking on the clear lake when it freezes, and the underwater sea life and emerald green stones become visible to the naked eyes. The ice could bear up to 15 tons at a time, so small cars and similar vehicles can go there. However, this is safe until April. Cracks in ice are a common thing that allows oxygen to go into the depth where sea life sustains.

4Flathead Lake, U.S.A

This freshwater lake in Montana happens to be the largest and one of the cleanest of its kind in western U.S.A if measured by its surface area. Fishes like yellow perch, trout, whitefish, northern pikeminnow, sturgeon, and northern pike find this lake their home. The nearby shoreline adorned with trees makes the space perfect for picnicking, while the lake offers you an opportunity for sailing, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, powerboating, and so on.

3Melissani Lake, Greece

This quaint lake, passing through a cave of the same name, is known for its astoundingly clean and clear water. Located in Kefalonia, the lake is believed to be a den of nymphs according to Greek mythology. The preferable time to visit it is during sunny days, as the reflection of the sun on the sea-green water creates a dazzling effect on all. You can see the rock-covered bottom of the lake from your boat while listening to the stories related to it.

2Lake McKenzie, Australia

This perched lake nestles on the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island of Queensland. Titled as the “Jewel of the Fraser Island”, the lake, a part of Great Sandy National Park, has a delicate ecosystem and high acid content, unsuitable for living species to inhabit the water. According to indigenous Butchulla people, this is a transformation of their goddess K’gari, and the lake is her eyes. The scintillating glittery silica of the shore, heart-shaped trees, and the light blue water make an inviting combination for divers. Usage of chemicals and cosmetics can lead to an imbalance of the ecosystem, so tourists should abstain from using them.

1Blue Lake, New Zealand

The visibility of distilled water is about 80 metres. Blue Lake, in New Zealand’s South Island, clocks in at 76 metres.

Located in the top half of New Zealand’s South Island, Blue Lake is said to be the clearest lake in the world. Its waters are fed by another lake that sits above its height of 1,200 meters above sea level. Its underwater visibility is believed to extend to 76 meters (249.3 feet), which is comparable to the clearness of distilled water.

For all those busy bees, having a soul of a globetrotter, now you know which way to go as the cleanest lakes are all around the world. These are only ten of them, but there are more, visit them and enjoy nature.