Why we don’t feel that ourselves is beautiful in photographs?


Have you ever thought that this negative thought may not be related to your expression or appearance in your photograph, and that your brain may be misleading? This psychological phenomenon, called the Exposure Effect, slogan roughly says that we have developed positive responses to it, as often as we see it or how often we are exposed to it (which may be facial expressions or shapes or slogans). In other words, this effect, which can be used to influence consumer behavior unconsciously in a product or brand in advertising, causes us to develop marka preference product in a certain direction.

Because we often see ourselves in the mirror, we are used to seeing our image in the mirror. And so because we’ve adopted this image, including little asymmetries about our face, we have more positive feelings about we in the mirror  than “we in the photo Ve. However, other people or a camera do not see us with a mirror. Therefore, our own photograph, which we do not find beautiful, may be more attractive to them because it is the image that other people are used to seeing.

Maybe people are taking selfies for so much to feel nice.

Feel beauty!


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