Monica Bellucci’s Little Known Beautiful Looks


Monica Bellucci doesn’t look like anyone except herself, which is one of the reasons she’s the most famous woman in the world.

See below for 30 times Monica Bellucci looked as though she’d stepped out of sky…


30. Monica Bellucci

The Italian model still looks as gorgeous and striking as ever, even in her 50s. Even after 40 years of modeling, her looks still haven’t let up. In her films and her magazines, she’s still got it. Her Instagram page is still filled with striking photos of her, to this day.

Bellucci is the oldest Bond girl. Her full name is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci. She is an Italian actress and fashion model. Only child of Brunella Briganti and Pasquale Bellucci.

Her two daughters will one day become models themselves, as beautiful as their mother was.